Thanks to our speakers at mesh14?

Connections made. Shared perspectives. Inspiring stories.
We can’t say enough to our keynote presenters, panelists and workshop leaders who delivered well beyond our wildest expectations.

You can still access their bios and their contact details. Be sure to follow them on Twitter or link to them on LinkedIn. They are extraordinary folks that we were honoured to have participate in mesh14. They have lots to offer and more inspiration to give.

We also added the content offered by our generous workshop leaders. If you missed their talk or even if you want a refresher on their session, here is a way to deep dive into their content.

Workshop content includes:
Empowering Positive Behaviour Change through Mobile Technology | A session by Jordan Ekers (Nudge Rewards)

Why Video is Your Best Friend | A session by Tyler Lessard (Vidyard)

World Wide Web. Now in 3D! | A session by Ross McKegney (Verold)

Open Data, Civic Tech and Hacking for Good | A session by Heather Leson (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap) and Gabe Sawhney (Bridgeable)

Disconnecting from the Grid: Forward-thinking or Flawed Premise?
Networked for Life: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly | A presentation by Barry Wellman (NetLab)

Marketing to the Power of ONE:
How Smart Brands Fuel Sales and Create Brand Advocates in the Age of the Connected Consumer | A session by Joel Book (ExactTarget)

Our Speakers

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