We collect from you only the information we need to provide our services to you.  If you use a credit card to purchase our services, we do not save and have no record of that credit card number.

We use your personal information to process your registration for the applicable mesh event, your listings on, and to otherwise provide our services to you, communicate with you about our events, and inform you of new services and new events produced by us or our partners.

mesh events are about connecting to other people, so after you register your name and company affiliation may appear on the registration page and be visible to anyone who browses to that page – we do this to make it easier for our guests to learn whom they want to connect with at mesh.

We do not share your personal information with anyone else, except service providers (like our online ticket purchasing service, or Paypal, or our service provider for, JobThread) we use to provide our services to you.  We only provide to them the information they need to provide those services.  Some of those service providers may be based in other countries.  Of course, if you post a comment on our blog, and you use your real identity or other personal information, it will be disclosed publicly.

Our emails to you will generally have an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom that will allow you to unsubscribe from future emails, except those we need to send to you to deliver the services you have requested from us.

Please note that all mesh events are target rich environments for media – in general, people write blog posts, twitter, take pictures and record audio and video, and make all manner of other media, at mesh events, both for us and on their own behalf. That media may be distributed publicly, and if you attend a mesh event, whether as a guest or a speaker, you accept that you may appear in media taken at a mesh event, and that you will not be compensated for that appearance. Please note that we have no control over and are not responsible for what any third party does with any media they make at mesh events. We may use media we make at mesh events for any purpose, including commercial broadcast and distribution, and without compensation, attribution or notice to any person appearing in that media.

By registering for a mesh event or purchasing services from us you consent to our use of your personal information and any appearance by you in media as described in this privacy policy.

(Last edited: May 28, 2009)