Sponsoring a mesh event

Use mesh as a platform to position yourself as a Web and digital leader. From meet-ups to our one-day deep-dive events to the mesh conference, you can use one or more of our events to make your mark and showcase your products to the mesh community.

How to Sponsor

Premium sponsorships and networking events offer opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership and strategic interaction with key leaders and attendees in startups, NGOs, government, enterprise, media, marketing and communications.

The end-to-end packages include pre-event, on-site and post-event exposure.

Please also ask Alicia about opportunities to sponsor multiple events and other mesh events such as meshmarketing.

Please note we are always exploring ideas to expand. If you are not seeing it, it doesn’t mean it is not in the works. If you have an idea that you don’t think exactly fits within the current suite of offerings but it aligns with the core mesh values, please reach out to Alicia. It may just be we’re working on something ourselves or it could start a really interesting conversation.

Alicia, our Sponsorship Coordinator, is committed to helping you discover the best opportunities to meet your requirements and expectations. Please contact Alicia for further information.


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