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Is mesh conference for me?

mesh is a two-day event that explores how the Web is evolving, the emergence of new and emerging trends, and what’s over the digital horizon. It’s a thinking person’s conference that features challenging, insightful, engaging and provocative speakers and content. We want people to come away from mesh with new ideas, inspiration and tons of food for thought on how they personally and professionally use the Web.

A key part of mesh is that most of our presentations are interactive discussions in which attendees play an active role. We encourage attendees to ask questions and provide insight based on their experiences to complement the expertise of the people on stage.

Another important element of mesh is the networking as we believe the conversations between sessions are as important as the sessions themselves. As a result, we’ve structured mesh with healthy breaks to provide you with the opportunity to catch up with friends, meet new people and discuss what you’ve heard and learned.

If you’re passionate about the Web and the digital landscape, mesh is a great place to immerse yourself in two days of great content, conversations and ideas.

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