Hailo + mesh13 (and an offer to help get you to mesh13)

With the arrival of spring, comes yet another edition of mesh! I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to another great day of marketing content. I’m particularly excited to see “Social Media Beyond Monitoring”. (Which session are you interested in seeing? Add your session picks into the comments below!)

Hailo Toronto is proud to be sponsoring this year’s mesh conference, and we’re equally proud to be part of Toronto’s business community. We’ve had the opportunity to meet many incredibly talented members of Toronto’s entrepreneur and marketing community over the past few months, and we’ve recently put into market an out-of-home advertising campaign to spread the Hailo word across Toronto.

If you’re attending mesh, I’d love to have you try the Hailo service. To get started, download the free Hailo mobile application and sign up. Once you’ve completed the signup process, enter “mesh13″ to get $10 off your cab ride to our from the event. (Here’s a quick how-to guide for entering promo codes.)

We’re also running a bit of a contest during mesh. Make sure to stop by our booth for your chance to win in our hourly draw of $20 in Hailo credits. You’ll also be entered to win our grand prize of $100 in Hailo credits!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for updates, promotions and other Toronto-centric content.

In the meantime, I’d like to extend an invite to each of you. We’d love to have you come down to the Hailo Toronto office at 219 Queen Street East for a tour, and to meet the team that is helping to make the taxi cab experience better for Torontonians. If you’d like to come by, send me an email and I’ll get you squared away.

Until then, I look forward to seeing you at mesh!

Are you ready to mesh?

What is mesh? We are often asked what mesh means. Here is what it means to mesh.

Thanks to our great friends and partners at Switch Video for making us look so good!

Why Design Matters

Highlighting a mesh13 media workshop

Design is important to attract and engage. We all know that! But what we don’t know is how best to design spaces and places that pique interest and encourage exploration online.

So when creating a workshop about design, who could tell us how to do it using cases and samples to show how to do it best? We turned to Adobe. More than 90% of creative professionals have Adobe Photoshop® software on their desktops. Adobe has been a part of much of the great designs by giving the creatives the tools to let their imaginations run wild.

In a workshop lead by Marcel Boucher, a senior technical marketing manager with Adobe, he will explore how brands can leverage the power of design and creativity to drive their businesses. Marcel will be our guide to show us what we could potentially look forward to as well as to share ideas on what we can do next.

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Marcel Boucher (Adobe)

The Power of Compelling Videos

A mesh13 media workshop

Videos are a tricky medium. When they are well executed, they resonate and can help to tell a great story. But with tools making it easier for anyone to create a video, it is still challenging for just anyone to create great video content.

It is for this reason that we are taking on video at mesh13. The gang over at Switch Video–specifically its CEO, Andrew Angus and Heather McKibbon, Switch’s VP Business Development. This talented duo work with their team to produce compelling videos for clients including Microsoft, American Express, IBM and HP.

Switch Video has produced hundreds of simple explainer videos that “explain what you do”. From SME and startups to large corporations, Andrew and Heather will help you understand why video is such a powerful medium. In this interactive session, they will help you learn how you can make your message count.

Learn more about our workshop presenters…
Andrew Angus
Heather McKibbon

Tapping into the Potential of 3D Printing

A mesh13 media talk

When we plan for your arrival to mesh, we spend a lot of time locked in a room talking about what’s next on the web and in the digital space. We are always looking for the tool or device that can change the game. With this in mind, a conversation about the crazy cool and just plain crazy stuff that is going on in printing.

We talked a world where you can print guns, limbs and even food. Once we were over the novelties, we talked about the maker economy and what a three-dimensional printer could change what we create. We talked about what a 3D printer does for prototype development and innovation. Basically, we just couldn’t stop talking about this one topic.

If us newbies could talk about this for as long as we did, we knew that those who were actually doing it could tell us what is happening with the technology, how it can aid innovation and what it means to the creation of products.

The experts that we turned to to tell this story was Panda Robotics, specifically two of their co-founders, Felix Tang and Liav Koren. Their creation, the PandaBot, makes 3D printing simple and accessible. They’ve built a robust, reliable tool to make designs real. They saw the possibilities and challenges of 3D printing and realized that no one was really focusing on the creatives and the researchers. Architects, artists, designers and crafters are critical to the transition of 3D printing from prediction to reality. Felix and Liav started working to create a technology that could help. These users need tools to make their lives easier, that work with existing workflows and can cut down the barriers from concept to physical object. Liav and Felix will help us all understand the true potential of this process in design and development as well as help us see what’s on the horizon.

In case you can’t tell, we are stoked about hosting this session at mesh13.

Learn more about our workshop presenters…
Liav Koren
Felix Tang