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The mesh team gathers together leading thinkers and talented innovators who have earned their stripes doing great digital work. Through various events, including the mesh and meshmarketing conferences, we create a platform  to connect with others who are interested in what’s next, as well as share ideas and be inspired.

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What’s on tap for mesh?

Inspired. Informative. Thought-provoking. Great Networking Opportunities. Shared insights.

To learn more about what you’ll be talking about at mesh, please check out the schedule.


Why mesh?

mesh explores how the web is evolving, the emergence of new and emerging trends, and what’s over the digital horizon. You will come away from mesh with new ideas, inspiration and tons of food for thought on how you personally and professionally use the Web.

Canada’s premier digital conference, mesh conference, is a chance to connect with people who are as excited about the potential of digital as you are — people who want to know more about how it is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world. And you won’t just connect with them in the hallways — at mesh, every session is interactive.

meshmarketing is the place to interact with digital marketing thought leaders, connect with peers and prospects, and get a better understanding of the impact new developments are having on your strategy, business and job. Together, we explore topics such as content marketing, Website optimization, social marketing and digital tools.

If you’re passionate about the web and the digital landscape, mesh is a great place to immerse yourself in great content, conversations and ideas.