The mesh Prize to Support Canada’s Digital Media Industry

Looking for funding for your innovative, forward-thinking digital media initiative? The mesh prize is awarded annually to fund a project or group of projects that create new understanding, capabilities or tools to benefit Canada’s digital media community. The prize recipient will receive $40,000 towards the successful completion of their project.

Sponsored by Teehan+Lax, the 2011 mesh prize winner will be announced at the mesh conference, taking place May 25 and 26 in Toronto. Submissions for the 2011 mesh prize are being accepted now. To learn more about the prize and apply, visit

Recipients of the mesh prize are required to complete their stated objectives and project plan. An advisory board ensures that the projects are completed. The prize winner will present their project at mesh ‘12, and the new winner or winners will be announced at that time.

Last year’s winner was Justin Kozuch, whose project involved a research study on the size and scope of Canada’s digital media industry. The study will focus on suppliers of digital media services, as well as the needs of digital media customers.

“Canadian companies need to reinvest in our industry in a significant way, and the mesh prize is a way to do that…I am excited about the projects that this prize will fund and the ideas that will emerge from them. I want to encourage other companies in our industry to follow our lead and participate in the mesh prize”

Jon Lax, a partner with Teehan+Lax, which established and financed the mesh prize

“We’re doing this because there doesn’t exist a unified, industry effort to truly understand our industry’s makeup, or a grassroots campaign to catalog and report on the size and scope of our industry…This is an amazing opportunity to do something significant for the Canadian digital market. The mesh prize is the perfect launching pad for any initiative that will help us improve the Canadian digital media landscape. This is an first important step in continuing to nurture and grow our digital community.”

Justin Kozuch