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Ken Nickerson

CEO, iBinary

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Date: May 28
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM
Location: The Drake | North Lounge

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Ken Nickerson is an active investor specializing in research and development, software engineering and business strategy. He is the CEO of private investment and R&D firm iBinary LLC. His many achievements include bringing Hotmail to Microsoft as GM of Microsoft Network Canada, early Internet and Network Management to Rogers as VP Development and research in emergent systems for banking and insurance. Mr. Nickerson is an active and past board member at companies including Kobo, Atomic Reach, Synbiota, Agora Mobile, Synaptop, SKULogix, docSpace, Chapters Online, OpenCola and several others. Ken is a member of the IEEE and ACM and is actively engaged in philanthropy focused on early education needs.