Where can I get information about mesh and who’s speaking?
Information about speakers, panelists and workshop leaders can be found on the mesh Web site. To stay in the loop, subscribe to our RSS feed. You can also follow us on Twitter – @meshcon. Here’s where to see the action on hashtags – we’re using #meshcon this year.

Want to know more about past mesh events? You can see pictures on Flickr under the tags mesh06 through mesh13. There are videos on YouTube for mesh06 through to mesh13, as well as our channel.

Should I register in advance?
Yes. We expect tickets to sell out fairly quickly.

Will there be exhibitors at mesh?
No exhibitors, but we do have sponsors who showcase in our Sponsor Village. Learn more by contacting Alicia at alicia@meshconference.com

Will there be WiFi at mesh?
Of course.

I’m flying in from Lithuania, where do I find out about Toronto?
There’s lots to do in Toronto. You can start at Toronto.com, or visit Ticketmaster, Now and blogTO to find out what else is going on while you’re here, or just leave a comment on the blog and information will magically find its way to you. If you’re looking for a place to stay, Expedia has info on some great hotels close to downtown.

If I’m interested in becoming a mesh sponsor, who do I contact?
Contact alicia@meshconference.com. We can send you a sponsorship package with the different opportunities available. Thanks for your interest!

Is there is way to make speaker proposals?
No. mesh isn’t your typical pitch-us-a-speaker type of event. We look for people we would like to hear from – and think you would like to hear from – and then we invite them to participate.

Is there a way to stay informed about new mesh developments and events?
Sure. Subscribe to our RSS feed or get email updates via Feedblitz (sign up on the right) to stay up-to-date.

Should I bring my laptop or camera or audio recorder or camcorder?
Yes. We’ll have wireless at the conference, and lots of power, and you can record, photograph and film to your heart’s content. But it’s up to you to get the permission of anyone you you want to photograph, record or film. Unfortunately, everything that happens in Toronto does not stay in Toronto.

Why is mesh happening?
mesh is happening because six people with an enthusiasm for the Web and all the next-generation things happening around us decided an event like this one had to take place in Toronto.

Who’s behind mesh?
There are six co-founders:
• Mark Evans – Principal, ME Consulting
• Mathew Ingram – Senior Writer, GigaOm
• Mike McDerment – CEO, FreshBooks
• Rob Hyndman – business lawyer, Hyndman | Law
• Stuart MacDonald – CMO, FreshBooks
• Sheri Moore – Partner, Creative Director, Moore Carlyle Consulting

In addition, we have a team who manages the day-to-day operations. Sheri Moore and Alicia Kalozdi-MacMillan lead the team, with the help of Danielle Miller (our Volunteer Manager).

We’re all house-trained – mostly – and passionate about what’s happening online in Canada.

Can I volunteer for mesh?
Yes, we’d love to have volunteers help us make mesh happen. If you’re interested, send an e-mail to us at danielle[at]meshconference.com.

I don’t care about conferences – tell me about the T-shirts.
Yes, there will be swag. More than last year, probably, but we’re still working out the details.

I’m a mesh panel moderator. Have any tips to help me make the panel tasty and delicious?
Jeremiah Owyang has a post on moderating conference panels that has loads of great tips. And keep in mind that guest participation is a big part of mesh – we suggest you ask for questions early and often. Good question karma is very mesh-y.

Where do I go if I need more information about mesh?
If we’ve missed something in the FAQ, contact us at info[at]meshconference.com, or you can find the organizers on Twitter.