Carving Out the Time for meshmarketing

timeEveryone feels time-strapped these days; lots of work to do but only so many hours in the day.

It can make it a challenge to spend all day at a conference rather than at your desk. The thought of work not done, meetings missed and emails gone unanswered can be daunting.

That said, it is important and necessary to step back from the fray once in awhile. While work is a priority, it is also healthy to gain new perspective, explore new ideas and meet new people. It keeps you interested, inspired and fresh.

When you come to a conference such as meshmarketing, don’t think of it as time away from the office. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to expand your personal and professional horizons and take your business in a new or different direction.

It could be the speakers (and we have a great lineup of digital marketers such as Jay Baer and Peep Laja), it could be the person sitting next to you, or someone you meet during a break in the action.

It’s magical is when something new presents itself; something big or small that can make the entire day valuable and worthwhile.

Getting out of the office – be it attending a conference, having lunch or taking a walk – gives you perspective and opens window to the unexpected.

Tickets for meshmarketing can be purchased for $199 until Oct. 30 at midnight. Here’s the updated schedule.

Goal #1 for meshmarketing: To-Do Lists

to-do listWhy come to meshmarketing?

Why spend a day away from work (at least physically) in a conference room with a couple of hundred people?

The answer: to-do lists.

At the end of the day, that’s our ultimate goal for meshmarketing.

After spending a day getting digital marketing insight from a lineup of speakers who work in the trenches, we want you to walk away with a long list of ideas to embrace, tactics to implement, online services to explore and people to connect with.

The to-do list is how we want to make meshmarketing different from other digital marketing conferences. meshmarketing is not really about exploring big picture trends; it’s about gaining tactical insight to do digital marketing differently or better.

Most people recognize they need to embrace digital marketing but they need guidance and direction on how to make it happen. This is why the to-do list is such an important element of meshmarketing.

Until Oct. 30, you can purchase tickets for $199 (a $100 savings). To learn more about what’s on tap, check out the schedule.

The Jay Baer “meshmarketing magazine”

We’ve got a great speaker line-up for meshmarketing, which happens on Nov. 7 at the Toronto Reference Library.

Using Lookbook, we created an interactive “magazine” featuring one of our keynote speakers, Jay Baer, who will be talking about the intersection between social media and content marketing.

Here’s where you can find more information about meshmarketing, while tickets can be purchased for $199 until Oct. 30.

An Exploration of Native Advertising

mesh conferenceAs social networks look to drive monetization (aka generate revenue) and brands seek to engage consumers (aka get them into the sales funnel), native advertising is beginning to attract more attention and advertising budgets.

By definition, native advertising is a unit bought and displayed on a social media platform – Facebook’s Sponsored stories, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets and Tumblr’s Radar.

For social networks, native advertising has huge potential because it lets them drive revenue from inserting advertising into the live streams of their users. In theory, users will accept and, perhaps, engage with this advertising as long as its relevant and provides some value.

For brands, native advertising is a new way to reach consumers using something other than banner ads, CPC campaigns and sponsorships. If done right, brands can use native advertising to come across as consumer-friendly while still driving sales.

At meshmarketing, we’ve got a great panel looking at the future of native advertising and the challenge and opportunities facing brands.

Our panel includes Olive Media’s Theresa Smith, Polar’s Kunal Gupta and Mindshare Canada’s Heather Dawson, who will look at what what native advertising means to businesses, why there is so much buzz, who it’s different, what’s required to be successful, and how will it evolve.

It will provide the insight and guidance for brands looking to get a handle on native advertising to drive business forward.

Tickets for meshmarketing are $199 until Oct. 30 ($299 afterward). Here’s the schedule and speaker line-up.

What’s in Your Digital Marketing Toolbox?

toolboxFor digital marketers, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to tools to have them create, publish and share content, collect and analyze data, monitor and measure social media activity…..and the list goes on.

At meshmarketing, we’ve got an engaging and interactive panel featuring people who work in the digital marketing trenches, and deploy a variety of kinds of digital tools on a daily basis to drive awareness, engagement and the sales funnel.

Moderated by Erin Bury, the panel will feature Randy Frisch (Uberflip),  Karen Schulman Dupuis (MaRS) and David Singh (Kira Talent).

The panel will feature a parade of digital tools, discussions about their merits, and why some tools are better than others. We’ll also have some fun and interesting wrinkles that will get attendees involved.

By the panel’s end, we want attendees to have a list of digital tools to expand their marketing arsenals so they can do their jobs better or different.

So, what are your favourite digital marketing tools? What really gets the job done, and why did you select them over other options? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Tickets for meshmarketing can be purchased for $199 until Oct. 30 (after that, they’re $299.) Here’s information about speakers and the schedule.