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Storyscaping with SapientNitro

Everyone is talking about storytelling, about how to form an emotional connection with your audience, how to draw them in to elicit compassion and, for the marker, hopefully desire.  But, this is not a new idea. The instinct to tell stories is as primal as survival.  It is through tales told across campfires, whispered at bedtime, and drawn on cave walls, that we have been able to preserve our own histories, cultures, and traditions.

For marketers and non-marketers alike, the process of telling a story will always be an art form.  However, technology has begun to shift the format from linear to multi-dimensional, from storytelling to storycaping.  In an article (http://www.digitalmarket.asia/the-buzz-around-storytelling/) written for Digital Market Asia, marketing strategist, Melanie Cook (@constant_garden) writes, “Technology has given brands limitless opportunity to envelop people in the stories we tell, so they hear, understand and remember them, but also and very importantly experience and become part of them. Let’s not waste that opportunity.”

Storyscaping moves beyond storytelling to story-doing, or story-making.  A company that storyscapes creates a landscape of technology-enabled experiential connections that lets consumers interact and engage with the brand story.  Darren McColl, SapientNitro’s chief brand strategy officer and co-author of Storyscaping: Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds , defines the process as “a practice that enables brands to create worlds—not just individual elements, like ads or apps—that encourage, inspire, and foster interactions both from an emotional and an experiential level.”

Storyscaping takes the individual consumer from the outside looking in, to the centre of a brand’s story.  Suddenly the story becomes personal, and the most important element becomes that person’s experience.  These are the story’s that resonate.  John Steinbeck said it best, “If a story is not about the hearer he will not listen. And here I make a rule–a great and interesting story is about everyone or it will not last.”

Join the SapientNitro team at mesh 2014 as we use emerging technologies to participate in a Storyscape of our collective conference experience. We can’t wait to build it with you.

Why mesh?

Topics_200x200Lee Odden, at TopRank Online Marketing, recently wrote a blog post on “what makes a business and marketing conference great“.  Lee is someone we all respect here at mesh and spoke at our meshmarketing12 conference.

You can check out his full article here!

In light of Lee’s article, we thought it was time we gave you that gentle nudge needed to put mesh on your calendar- May 27&28.

Here is what you need to know!

mesh is Canada’s premiere digital conference discussing what’s next for business, media, marketing and society.

Why come to mesh?

If you want to share in what is happening and affecting the digital landscape in Toronto, you will be at mesh.

If you want to connect with people, not just from your own social or business circle, but smart, tech savvy folk with an eye on what’s happening over the digital horizon, you will be at mesh.

If you want to be inspired on how to be better, smarter and faster at your job–not just today but in the future, you will be at mesh.

With over 1100 hours of networking and learning packed into two days, there is lots of mesh goodness to be had. We understand it may be hard to “escape” the office for a conference, so we made sure that our locations are easy to access in case a meeting can’t be rescheduled and we’ll have plenty of wifi so that you can workshift* your way through the conference.

We also understand that you may not be the one who ultimately decides your workday schedule. Therefore, we have added a how to convince your boss (or you) with a few more information with this fact sheet.

What to expect

Content in Context

mesh presents its content in a few ways.

From the main stage, big broad strokes inspire with conversations that will blow your mind and make small puffs of smoke come out of your ears. Keynotes and one-on-one conversations include enterprise digital marketing, the state of funding in Canada, smart cities, big data, startup stories and disruptions.

Hands on workshops that will allow you to go back to your “desk” with more tools in your toolbox and more ideas to action. From the 3D web to hyper-local marketing to civic tech, there will be a combination of take-aways for now and lots for what you’ll be working on next.

And then there are the curated panels. We have assembled the innovators, disruptors and knowledge experts around several topics in our four streams. These sessions are mesh’s best kept secret. The mesh team thinks of the sessions that they want to showcase and then we seek out the talent who can deliver it. Then, to ensure that the inspiration is threaded through the conversation, we select our moderators who we know will help us tell the story. Ultimately, this is how we ensure that these sessions will rock. Smart engaging people with different outlooks and unique perspectives come together to discuss how digital is changing the world we live, work and play in.

Breaks, Food & Socializing

No need to bring a lunch box to mesh. We make sure our breaks are long enough for you to fill up on drink, food and conversation.  In fact, we have seen ideas and even businesses be born in the hallway conversations that take place at mesh.  And, maybe the most telling, we know a few folks that pay the ticket price just to network/socialize and rarely even attend a session (crazy–right!).

The Village, Demo Alley & more mesh goodies

As we prepare for your arrival, we thought we’d also share a few of the great things that makes mesh special. Our mesh village is central to any mesh. Here is where you will connect with our sponsors, head over to demo alley (the home of our hosted startups), checkout the newest addition—our mesh general store and pickup your access pass to mesh.

Next week, we’ll be releasing the mesh14 version of our mesh app. We encourage you to download the app that we’ll send you an email link so you can get fully connected. The app will not only give you mesh14 details in the palm of your hand, but we’ve planned a few surprise additions ensuring that your conference experience will be that much better with the app.

So, like Lee asks in his article, “The challenge is, with so many conferences to choose from, which events provide the best return on investment?” We think that mesh14 is definitely worth the investment of $499 (until May 23 or until this ticket block is sold). It’s time to get yourself to mesh. Register here today!

*learn more about workshifting with Robyn Bews, David Potter & Amber MacArthur on the afternoon of May 28 in a session called, “Workshifting: Mobile, Cloud, Teleworking & Other Business Disruptions.




#meshcon founders meet up at #3tyyz to discuss what’s next in digital


InsidePR + mesh founder Mark Evans

InsidePR_200x200Mark Evans is a co-founder of mesh conference, which is in its ninth year, and will be held in Toronto on May 27-28.

Roving reporter, Martin Waxman, recently caught up with him.

For the full article and link to audio click here!

He began the conversation by talking about the biggest surprises Mark has seen since the conference started.

And, as a former journalist, Martin wanted to know what’s been the biggest change in media since he was writing, and why pitches from PR professionals are still terrible.

Mark handles the latter question extremely well, while providing some great feedback on the things PR pros should consider, even with the immense amount of pressure we face from clients.

They talk about the media stream at mesh, which is the brain child and passion of Matthew Ingram, about the trend toward the new media companies introducing newswires to capture citizen journalists, and the y talk about the conference.

What’s most interesting (as I listened to the interview) is Mark’s take on Neil HarbissonMark Little, and Stewart Butterfield.

You’ll find what he has to say about each of these speakers really interesting. He talks about how Neil’s cyborg activism will help you think differently about how you live your life and how you do your job because it gives you a different perspective. How Mark, with the help of Storyful – the company he founded – is standing in the social “grayness” to help us determine what is actually news and what is not. And how Stewart salvaged a business from complete failure by doing a strategic pivot.

It’s a good episode you don’t want to miss!

Disclosure: Thornley Fallis is helping out on the PR for this year’s mesh conference.