Scaling Storyscaping

In our previous mesh blog post, our team discussed the need for an evolution in advertising to Storyscaping, the creation of worlds and immersive experiences that allow consumers to participate. By allowing consumers to contribute in these worlds, they develop their own stories and experience a deeper brand connection.

Below, are some of the highlights of the Storyscaping approach that can apply to different sized organizations:


Purpose is a cause or belief that the organization subscribes to, believes in and exemplifies. In gathering insights about consumer opinions and behaviours, we are able to build a better story along with them, meeting our brand purpose as well as their needs and wants.;


Different from coming up with a “big idea,” it’s important to identify your company’s Organizing Idea, which unlocks the development of experiences that are connected to the brand’s story.


Move away from just creating ads, which are 2-dimensional, and into creating multi-dimensional worlds where consumers are able and encouraged to participate in immersive experiences with your brand.  Often, this involves engaging participation from consumers sooner in the experience journey than brands are typically apt to do. It results in an experience of collaboration and co-creation.


View your brand’s story as currency for connecting consumers with your company and take it to a much more encompassing dimension—elevate it, using the power of experience.People are much more likely to remember, recall and share stories that happen to them; versus stories they are just being told.

Join Darren “Daz” MColl and David Bradfield for the mesh closing keynote for further exploration of how Storyscaping can create worlds of immersive experience.


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