#meshcon Presenting Sponsor, SapientNitro has a story to tell

SapientNitro has a story to tell about mesh14.  This story is about how people move through physical and digital space, exchanging ideas and view points.

By downloading the mesh app, you’re able to take part in this story.  We’ll be passively observing conference participant activities using emerging technology. We’ll take all of this goodness and create a visual model of the mesh journey, through movement, conversation, and sharing on social media.

 You’ll be able to find us at #theHive at 99 Sudbury.  Here you’ll see social conversations on #meshcon aggregated and analyzed.  Discover the most popular topics, speakers and shared content.  Watch the top influencers in action, observe content shares rise, and see which attendees are actively involved in social conversations.

 We’ve also set up a SapientNitro campfire at the Drake.  Come hangout, check out the interactive display, and connect with others to exchange your thoughts and ideas.

 Lastly, make sure you attend the closing presentation on May 28th to see how the entire mesh story ties together, in the physical and digital space.

 We look forward to sharing your mesh story with you.

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