meshmarketing Alumni Insights: Jeff Quip

As we prepare for mm13 next week (the fifth meshmarketing), we thought we’d call on a member of the meshmarketing alumni.

Jeff Quip of Search Engine People joined us for our first meshmarketing to share his insights and experience in a workshop session titled, “Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization.”

The Evolution of SEO & Search Engine People

Back in 2009, I had the opportunity to speak at the very first meshmarketing conference about SEO, how to do it effectively, and where the industry was going. SEO is dynamic and ever-transforming, and since that time the industry has changed dramatically. SEO can no longer be thought of as a standalone practice – to be effective it must be an element of an integrated, holistic strategy that incorporates a variety of tactics.

In the current environment, Google wants search rankings to be the consequence – not the basis – of good marketing, and SEO firms have had to adapt accordingly. At Search Engine People, we’ve evolved from a firm primarily concerned with SEO to a full service digital agency. It’s a necessary evolution because search continues to change at a frenetic pace. While SEO is still a big part of what we do, it is by no means the most important part anymore.

The importance of inbound marketing
There was a time when SEO and marketing were compartmentalized and separated, viewed as two unique and unrelated practices. Today, every facet of online brand visibility is inextricably linked under inbound marketing, a process aimed at attracting, converting, nurturing and closing leads into sales.

The better we market, the more we earn Google’s trust, the better we perform not only in rankings but across the board in terms of online visibility.

Inbound marketing is the glue that unites all marketing tactics into a cohesive strategy and serves to increase the effectiveness of all other media tactics. At Search Engine People, we work to identify the pros and cons of each tactic in relation to the client, and how we can maximize its effectiveness. Our approach to inbound marketing encompasses:

1. Traffic Building

2. Lead Generation

3. Sales Growth

4. ROI Analysis

As you can see, SEO is just one facet of a much more complex strategy, which we’ve evolved to capacitate. And ultimately, that’s what clients are looking for when they speak of SEO – a one-stop shop to fulfill all of their marketing needs.

Content is king
One of the most significant changes to SEO is the critical role that content now plays. It has become the quintessential element of search and social media, affecting search rankings, brand authority and overall online brand performance. This is why unique, remarkable content is at the base of any effective inbound marketing strategy.

At Search Engine People, we’ve got a large content group that allows us to facilitate this change and thrive in the new SEO landscape. With so much noise and competition, the brands that succeed online are the ones that can break away from the pack and differentiate themselves. The consistent creation of high-quality, relevant, remarkable content is the recipe for success. Providing content that is useful for your prospects – but also significantly different from the competition – builds brand authority, gets your content shared and ultimately helps you get recognized in terms of search rankings. Building content and websites that are both audience-friendly and optimized for search engines is now an absolute necessity.

The New SEO Landscape
In the new SEO landscape, the message is clear: you have to EARN your position. It’s no longer just about targeting keywords or building links, but creating a cohesive, multi-faceted inbound marketing strategy focused on content creation, branding, and promotion. When it comes down to it, looking at SEO strictly in terms of rankings is one-dimensional and means you’re putting your eggs in too few baskets. Google and other search engines change and update algorithms frequently; if you haven’t focused on other aspects of your overall online presence, you will fall behind.

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