What’s in Your Digital Marketing Toolbox?

toolboxFor digital marketers, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to tools to have them create, publish and share content, collect and analyze data, monitor and measure social media activity…..and the list goes on.

At meshmarketing, we’ve got an engaging and interactive panel featuring people who work in the digital marketing trenches, and deploy a variety of kinds of digital tools on a daily basis to drive awareness, engagement and the sales funnel.

Moderated by Erin Bury, the panel will feature Randy Frisch (Uberflip),  Karen Schulman Dupuis (MaRS) and David Singh (Kira Talent).

The panel will feature a parade of digital tools, discussions about their merits, and why some tools are better than others. We’ll also have some fun and interesting wrinkles that will get attendees involved.

By the panel’s end, we want attendees to have a list of digital tools to expand their marketing arsenals so they can do their jobs better or different.

So, what are your favourite digital marketing tools? What really gets the job done, and why did you select them over other options? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Tickets for meshmarketing can be purchased for $199 until Oct. 30 (after that, they’re $299.) Here’s information about speakers and the schedule.

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