$199 = Awesome ROI


That’s the cost of buying a ticket for meshmarketing until October 30.

Any way you want to slice and dice it, that’s a sweet deal for a day of digital marketing insight, information and inspiration.

So, why $199?  (and a handful of $49 student tickets)

For one, we wanted to make meshmarketing accessible to anyone interested in jump-starting their digital marketing game.

Two, we want to have a full house on November 7 at the Toronto Reference Library to create an event with energy, excitement and, as important, lots of opportunities to network, meet new people and establish new connections.

Three, we have embraced a new model for meshmarketing that makes the numbers work, particularly if we can get some help from sponsors.

Four, there is a need for a digital marketing conference with great content/speakers that focuses on delivering tactical and actionable insight.

Let’s be honest, the days of talking about content marketing, digital optimization, social media and inbound marketing at a high level are over because they’re a fact of life.

What’s more important is giving people counsel, advice and ideas about how to make their digital marketing efforts more productive, efficient, successful and profitable.

In other words, meshmarketing involves less talk, and more walk.

Here’s another way to look at $199:

If you attend one session that really makes an impact or gives you a great idea, it’s instant ROI.

If you meet a new connection or establish a new business relationships, that’s instant ROI.

The reality is there are lots of digital conferences battling for your dollars but given our speakers, the content and focus on encouraging networking (and mesh-ing), you’re going to get great bang for buck.

Looking to buy a ticket now? Here’s where to do it. By the way, the $199 pre-registration price lasts until Oct. 30.

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