Mott’s Clamato Brings a Caesar Break to mesh13!

While mesh has always been known for its great content, we also have a reputation for our networking opportunities and well, lets be honest, we like to do it over a drink or two.

This year, Mott’s Clamato Caesar will be serving,  yes, a Caesar Break on Day 2 in the afternoon.

Specially designed for mesh13 this year is the “Hot mesh” curated by Clint.

Talk to Clint on Twitter (@CaesarClint) or join the Clamato Facebook page.

To wet your appetite for this coming Thursday, here’s a peak at one of the many the recipes you’ll be able to try:

“Hot mesh”

1 oz.             Gin

2 dashes     Fresh Cracked Salt and Pepper

3 dashes     Hot Sauce

3 dashes    Worcestershire

1/2 oz.       Spicy Pickle Brine

4 oz.          Mott’s Clamato

Rim         Equal parts of Mott’s Clamato Rimmer (Celery Salt) with Montreal Steak Spice

Garnish    Lime Wedge and  Strubb’s Banderilla or Extreme Beans

1. Rim the serving glass with a lime juice and the Rimmer.

2. Fill the glass full of ice and add the ingredients in order.

3. To mix, stir or roll the Caesar (Rolling is the act of pouring back and forth between glasses)

4. Garnish and ENJOY!


We look forward to seeing you at mesh13 and sharing a drink – or two!


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