The Power of Compelling Videos

A mesh13 media workshop

Videos are a tricky medium. When they are well executed, they resonate and can help to tell a great story. But with tools making it easier for anyone to create a video, it is still challenging for just anyone to create great video content.

It is for this reason that we are taking on video at mesh13. The gang over at Switch Video–specifically its CEO, Andrew Angus and Heather McKibbon, Switch’s VP Business Development. This talented duo work with their team to produce compelling videos for clients including Microsoft, American Express, IBM and HP.

Switch Video has produced hundreds of simple explainer videos that “explain what you do”. From SME and startups to large corporations, Andrew and Heather will help you understand why video is such a powerful medium. In this interactive session, they will help you learn how you can make your message count.

Learn more about our workshop presenters…
Andrew Angus
Heather McKibbon

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