The Future of Money

Highlighting a mesh13 business stream panel

The history of money goes back 2500 years ago with the first minting of coinage. Since then, money has evolved, but essentially, money was well money. Now the money is ones and zeros. The ancient institution is being disrupted at a rapid pace, which is what makes it interesting to mesh. Smartphones and other digital technologies are bringing about more change that will affect the way that we work and play.

There are many companies making a play. Simple. PayPal. Apple’s Passbook. Google. Square.

But it’s not just about what is happening outside of the system. There are innovators within the financial system. Finanicial institutions and mints alike are working on initiatives that will change how money is used and spent.

These companies and organizations are taking money in many fascinating directions. What’s more interesting than each of them individually is the sum of what this means. What will money look like in the future? What happens when we breach the vault of the banking and government institutions running our economies? What happens to all of the supporting services on the supply chain? We have so many questions.

That’s why we are excited to have two panelists who are actively working to revitalize the concept and reality of money. We may not get every question that we have answered,  we can promise a juicy conversation with lots to think about.

Derek Colfer of Visa Canada leads Visa Canada’s mobile-based strategy and product portfolio. Working directly with the Global mobile team in San Francisco, Derek’s responsibilities include mobile contactless payments, alerts, app development and other near-term mobile innovations. Derek’s portfolio includes work with Visa, Heineken, Barclays and Deutsche Bank. From 2002 when it was founded to 2008 when it was acquired, Derek co-founded Jambo Mobile, an award winning mobile marketing company.

We’re also excited about our second panelist, Carey Kolaja. As the Chief of Operations for Global Product & Experience at PayPal, Carey leads all aspects of business planning for her team’s organizational effectiveness, analytics and business intelligence usage. Previously, she was the head of the Emerging Opportunities group where Carey led the overall global go-to-market strategy and daily operations for digital goods, devices, adaptive payments and accounts, and business payments.

Learn more about Carey Kolaja here.
Click here to learn more about Derek Colfer.

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