The Connected TV

Highlighting a mesh13 media panel

TV is no longer a single-sided conversation where the tube talks at you. Today, it is about experiencing it. Content is king and its consumption is a journey of discovery, interaction, personalization, communication and control. Stories are integrated across platforms and multiple screens. The connected TV takes the next steps to new market opportunities and vastly richer user/customer experiences.

In this panel with Jeremy Toeman of NextGuide and Marie-José Montpetit of MIT Media Lab, we will delve into how content is being created and how our consumers’ relationship with TV is changing. When a TV is connected to the internet, the game of storytelling and sharing information changes, but what does it look like? How have advances in the hardware changed how we interact with the technology, the content and other viewers. When TV watchers can share their thoughts via social media, this one-way talk is now a conversation on multi-channels, so how do producers and creators leverage this data to drive the story and ultimately increase viewership.

Jeremy Toeman is the CEO for Dijit Media, a venture-funded startup focusing on discovery and analytics in the TV industry. Jeremy has over 11 years experience in the convergence of digital media, mobile entertainment, social entertainment, smart TV and consumer technology. He has a proven track record of designing and delivering award-winning products and technologies to the connected home.

While Dr. Marie-José Montpetit is a lecturer at the MIT Media Lab and an advisor to Boston area startups in video and social networking. Her pioneering work on Social, Wireless and Multi-screen television is recognized world wide. In January 2013 she was named one of the 20 most influential thinkers in social TV and second screen by

To offer deep context and a vibrant conversation, Jeremy and Marie-José will help us explore what’s next in a medium that has educated and entertained for close to five decades. They’ll help us understand the next decade and what it may bring.

Click here to learn more about Jeremy Toeman.
To learn more about Marie-José Montpetit, click here.

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