Hashcaster brings #mesh12 to the social web in real-time

Time to get your hash tag on!

This year we’re bringing mesh to the social web in a whole new way!  We’ve partnered with Hashcaster the leading Twitter event media platform to curate the #mesh12 hash tag in real-time on http://meshcon.hashcaster.com.

As many of you know keeping up with a rapidly trending hash tag like #mesh12 can be like drinking from a fire hose.  Hashcaster solves this problem by curating all the best content and identifying top influencers & contributors in real-time.  Never miss another great photo, video or blog on Twitter.  Read great crowd sourced stories and keep up with the latest news from speakers, sponsor and exhibitors.

Even better, become part of the Hashcaster experience!  How? Simple, just include the #mesh12 hash tag in your tweets.  Hashcaster automatically curates all content on the hash tag, include links, photos or videos!  If people like and retweet what you’re saying the platform will identify you as a top influencer or contributor and place you on stage by highlighting your content and Twitter handle on the mesh Hashcast site.

There’s nothing like having your name in lights to drive new followers and retweets of your contributions on Twitter.  So join the conversation on Twitter and keep up with all that’s happening at mesh this year, visit http://meshcon.hashcaster.com before, during and after the event for the latest news and information from the mesh community.


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