Sponsor Spotlight: Monster’s Job Mission

mesh has always been a platform for connections. We love hearing the whispers of new ideas as attendees network their way for two days, but it takes great people to make these types of initiatives/dreams/conversations come true.

We first partnered with Monster at meshmarketing11 and it’s been a friendship that continues today.  Monster is the evolution of the “job board” in this digital world we all share.  Their coolest innovations are changing the way connections are made.  In fact, they’ve made it their mission to help you find better candidates with technology like:

Career Ad Network®: Monster’s patent pending ad-network solution, the largest global recruitment-focused ad network which reaches 106 million active and passive users per month.

Power Resume Search: Monster’s proprietary 6Sense® Semantic Search Technology, Power Resume Search provides unrivaled candidate matches. 6Sense Semantic Search doesn’t just look for keywords—it “understands” concepts and context, and returns matches based on actual, relevant experience, skills, education and more.

SeeMore™: Monster’s new cloud-based talent management platform that gives recruiters unprecedented access to Monster’s proprietary search and analytics tools.

BeKnown: Monster’s professional networking app on Facebook® enables job-seekers to harness the power of their personal network to break open new career opportunities.

But, wait, there’s more!!

Monster is offering a special offer on a 30-day Job Posting or a 14-Day Power Resume License to our very own mesh community.

Click here for a 30-Day Job Posting for only $525 (a savings of more than 30%) or Click here for a 14-Day Power Resume License for only $695 (a savings of more than 20%).

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