Panel Spotlight: The Future of Education

How is the Web changing how we teach and learn? Who has access to education? Where does “learning” happen now?

These are all intriguing and thought-provoking questions that will be addressed on May 23 at mesh by a panel that features Victoria Jovanovic-Krstic, Carole Leaman and Mark Ury.

For anyone interested in learning or involved in teaching on a professional or personal level, the panel should provide insight, thoughts and idea about the pros and cons of the Web becoming a more integral part of the educational experience.

Some of the questions to be tackled include:

Are we creating a generation of super-learners or stunting the creativity of students? And could the rise of digital within education see students increasingly take control of their education including choice of schools, teachers, classes, and even curriculum.

Early-bird tickets for mesh can be purchased until April 20 for $579 (+HST), which saves you $100 off the regular price.

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