Announcing mesh12: It’s time to mesh

It’s hard to believe the seventh mesh is just over the horizon. From its humble roots as an event created so Canadians could come together to talk about the exciting things happening on the Web, mesh has become Canada’s largest digital conference with speakers coming from around the world and more than 700 attendees.

We’re proud about what we’ve built but the reality is you need to keep evolving to stay fresh, current and relevant. With this in mind, we’re excited to finally unveil a new and, hopefully, improved mesh featuring a different format and focus.

The biggest change is the four dedicated streams – media, marketing, business and society – are disappearing. Instead, discussions about each topic will happen on both days to provide attendees with more choices to meet their personal and professional needs.

Second, there will be fewer sessions overall. How come? As much as it was great to offer an extensive “menu” of options, we believe (based on lots of feedback) that attendees are interested in delivering content that’s challenging and provocative that will resonate with mesh attendees and provide tons of food for thought.

We believe these are changes that will maintain mesh as an inspiring two-day event that educates, engages and entertains at a time when people have more options and, at the same time, only so much time to escape the office.

The one thing that won’t change about mesh is the importance of networking. As much as having great speakers is a must-have, a key part of mesh’s success is creating an atmosphere that encourages people from different sectors to meet each other, share ideas and establish new relationships. In other words, mesh remains about meshing.

As for who’s coming to mesh, we’re stoked about a line-up of speakers that includes Clay Hamilton, Dave Winer, Andy Carvin, Rebecca MacKinnon, Dr. Michael Evans and Stewart Lombard. We’ll announce more speakers over the coming weeks.

You can register for early-bird tickets for $579 (regular price $679), and we have student tickets for $99.

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