meshmarketing Panel: The Value of Content Marketing

The Panel:

It seems like the old adage that “Content is King” is alive and well as more companies recognize that providing existing and potential customers with a steady flow of content (blog posts, videos, whitepapers, case studies, podcasts, photos) is a great way to drive engagement, loyalty and stickiness.

The Panelists:

– Marcus Wilson, vice-president of marketing with IdeaPaint, which leverages content (YouTube, a blog, Twitter and Facebook) and the ability to distribute it to drive traffic and, as important, leads.

Marcus Sheridan, author, entrepreneur, pool business owner, business coach, whose The Sales Lion blog has become one of the leading sources for insight on content marketing and social media.

Why the meshmarketing Panel?

For all the talk about conversations and engagement within social media, content has taken a back seat or, at least, it hasn’t received a lot of attention in the wake our fascination with tweets and updates.

But the tide seems to be turning because there’s more interest in using content to differentiate and drive a brand’s digital presence. When everyone is doing social media, the playing field starts to level so content can be an effective way to rise above the crowd.

Tickets for meshmarketing, which happens on Nov. 15 at the Allstream Centre in Toronto, can be purchased here.

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