The Lineup for meshwest Edmonton

In two weeks (Oct. 4 to be exact), meshwest will be moving into Edmonton – the second leg of our “tour” that started in Calgary last June.

After a lot of work behind the scenes over the summer – always a difficult time to focus on things other than vacations and BBQs – we’ve come up with a great line-up of speakers.

The day kicks off with Ali Asaria, the founder and CEO with, which has become Canada’s leading health and beauty e-commerce site. Ali will talk about how to build an online business in a large but competitive market, the process of raising venture capital, and how to manage growth while maintaining great customer service.

Speaking of entrepreneurs, there is a terrific triple-bill featuring Jevon MacDonald (GoInsight), Maura Rodgers (Strutta) and Dups Wijayawardhana (Empire Avenue), who will talk about Canada’s start-up landscape and provide insight into running and growing a start-up.

Ashley Casovan from the city of Edmonton and Mack D. Male will sit down with Rob Hyndman to talk about how open data is changing how government operates and how citizens are getting more involved in engaging with government and creating new services.

For people looking to learn how companies operate social media programs, we’ve got a panel featuring Allyson Simpson from Osum Oil Sands and HootSuite’s Scott Walker. We did this panel in Calgary, and decided to do it again amid the great reception about the behind-the-scenes, tactical insight provided by the panel, which included Simpson, who was then working for the popular Melrose Cafe.

We end the day with a panel about crisis communications in real-time – something many companies are trying to get their heads around given the fast-moving and dynamic nature of social media. The panel includes Christina Rontynen from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Early-bird tickets are now on sale for $239 so buy now.

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