meshwest spotlight: Managing Your Community

Once you’ve got into social media and started to build a community, one of the challenges is being able to keep a handle on what’s happening – be it blog post comments, tweets or posts on a Facebook Wall – both externally and internally.

This can be a nice problem to have if you’re particularly successful in establishing and nurturing a large community. The downside is the resources required to manage and moderate these communities can be taxing on your resources and finances.

This has led to the emergence of third-party specialists that can help companies manage, support and grow their online communities. This lets companies focus on the creation of strategy and/or the creation of content to fuel their digital communities.

One of the leading social management and moderation companies is Winnipeg-based ICUC Moderation Services, one of the world’s leading social media moderation companies.

Keith Bilous, ICUC’s founder, concedes the company’s creation was a bit of a fluke but its continued growth and success has been very deliberate.

In a conversation with Mathew Ingram, Keith will provide insight into the challenges facing many companies in managing and moderating their communities, the opportunities that third-party services provide, and how ICUC has established itself as a leading player in the market.


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