meshwest Panel Spotlight: Preparing for Social Media Success

Far too often, companies enthusiastically jump into social media without a good idea of why they want to do it, what they want to get out of it and, as important, how it fits into their communications, marketing and sales strategies.

Without creating a well-defined plan for social media, it can be challenging to develop a foundation for success – however you want to define success.

At meshwest, our “Building Social Meaning to Support Success” panel addresses the important questions of what needs to be done other than establishing a social media presence. This panel gets beyond the early lessons of social media and into how to develop social meaning from the inside out.

“This isn’t about keeping up with the Joneses but realistically challenging ourselves and our marketing teams on how to create sustainable competitive advantage through building connected brands and organizations” is how marketing and innovation strategist Leigh Himel describes the panel’s focus.

The panel also includes:

– Greg Hounslow, the Emerging Media Advisor for WestJet, who manages the company’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube communities, as well as being involved in the airlines’ short- and long-term strategies for social media.

– Sarah Dickinson, SVP, Strategy with Blast Radius, a strategic digital agency based in Vancouver, who has played a key role in helping Starbucks establish its strong and vibrant social media presence.

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