Vote for the 15MOF Winner

You really can’t start mesh without a good pre party.  Please join us at the Drake Tuesday (yup- tonight) at 6pm to start the conversation.

We are also opening the voting lines for our six 15MOF finalists.  They will be demo’ing in the Village on Wednesday, so you will have an opportunity to check out the technology and meet the people behind the idea.

Here is a bit of each of our finalists’. . .

InGamer is a real-time social game played in conjunction with live sports. The future of media engagement is about amplifying the audience experience by unifying 3-screens in real-time. Play InGamer LIVE with CBC & Hockey Night in Canada at With 76+ minute Time on Site since launch, the stickiness of the InGamer platform is eye-popping!

Hipsell lets you sell stuff fast and painlessly right from your phone. Your item is posted on Hipsell and Craigslist, and we manage offers and questions for you. We make it fun to sell things.

Lymbix is best known for ToneCheck, the e-mail add-in that checks the tone of your message before you send it. The concept is solid and we know it. (After all, who hasn’t experienced a “say what?” moment after receiving an email message from a boss, colleague or friend that was obviously poorly thought-out.)     That said, we’re _so_ much more than an email add-in. We’re often asked: “How do you know that the email tone is ‘off’?” Well my friends: that’s where the magic happens. is a new service that takes your favorite media sources like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Soundcloud and extracts all the videos, music and pictures that really matter to you.  You can then listen, watch, broadcast and discuss directly on Wavo. The best part is with a click of the mouse you decide which song or video to save to your library where they can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.  Our easy to use bookmarklet takes this one step further, allowing you to save and pull content from anywhere on the web.  Wavo is your intelligent multi-media library that makes finding and saving cool content easier and more addictive than ever.”

Atomic Reach is a social publishing platform that connects companies and brands looking for high-quality content with the people who create great content every day. It’s an exciting and new concept driven by the belief that content is going to become more important as companies look for new opportunities to engage and provide value to consumers. In simple terms, Atomic Reach helps brands deliver compelling content by tapping into a wide variety of contributors such as bloggers and videographers. For large companies, Atomic Reach offers a powerful and user-friendly content management platform that makes it easy for them to become online publishers.

The benefits: your own team of content producers comprised of your consumers, a platform to manage the people, as well as the content and publishing process, resulting in great content for your web and social media sites every day.  The value, more content leads more traffic and greater visibility within your customer base. We also have tools to push your message, offers and promos out onto the web in a cost-effective way, extending the reach of your sales and marketing network.

Padpholio is a user-generated social media portfolio engine for the typical freelancer. padpholio makes you web noticed a lot easier on any search engine and a lot sooner by agencies. Currently in beta and still in development. The creative platform with designers in mind to be introduced this Fall 2011. Accounts are free to set up and feedback is always welcome and considered. Follow padpholio on twitter –; make friends with padpholio fans on facebook – OR simply click in for the early experience –

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