Speaker Spotlight: David Armano

Within the social media world, there are a handful of people who talk the talk and walk the walk. These are people who provide information, insight and perspective about what’s happening with social media and get their hands dirty with clients.

One of them is David Armano, EVP, Global Innovation & Integration with Edelman, but he’s probably better known for being the guy behind Logic + Emotion, one of the most popular marketing blog.

Armano’s strength is how he explains many of the theories, processes and trend within social media and digital marketing in a way that is smart and accessible. It makes David stand out in a marketplace in which there are more people talking about what’s happening.

After some juggling with his schedule, we were excited that David will be able to join us at mesh, along with Valeria Maltoni, for a panel looking the growing role of influence.

The panel will explore the why influence has become so important and why influencers are regarded as a valuable and necessary asset. We’ll also look at how “influence” is measured, and how influencers should be approached.

mesh, by the way, happens on May 25 and 25 at the Allstream Centre in Toronto. You can purchase tickets here.

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