Speaker Spotlight on Janice Diner: F-Commerce, Anyone?

One of mesh’s programming goals is presenting a wide variety of speakers, particularly people who haven’t appeared in Toronto or don’t speak often. To keep things fresh, we try not to have speakers make repeat appearances.

Of course, there are a few exceptions. One of them is Janice Diner, who made her mesh debut last year with a standing room-only presentation about Facebook. There was so much enthusiasm for Janice’s presentation we invited her to do a presentation at meshmarketing. And there was so much interest that we felt compelled to invite Janice to do a workshop at mesh ’11.

So why has Janice become a rare three-repeat presenter? As much as many people use Facebook, there is so much to learn about how Facebook is evolving and the different things that brands can do with it. Janice has a unique combination of insight and hands-on experience that makes her presentation “must-attends”. If you look around the room during one of her presentation, the amount of furious note-taking is impressive.

At mesh ’11, Janice is going to cover some new ground with a workshop focused on the growing amount of e-commerce happening on Facebook, aka F-commerce. Analysts predict commerce from Facebook stores will hit $30 billion by 2015 as more companies look at how to turn conversations into commerce.

“Businesses of all sizes are building and testing commerce solutions inside Facebook and are looking at how they can turn conversations into conversions,” Janice says. “Coca-Cola, Barneys, Sears, Pampers, Dove, Sephora, Lands End and many others pages have built “Shopping” Tabs in their Facebook pages. Facebook is launching, local group buying with its Deal platform and going head to head with companies such as Groupon. Facebook Credits will become the mandatory currency for Facebook games and applications as of July 1 2011.”

For anyone looking for real-world insight into where Facebook is going with e-commerce, you won’t want to miss Janice’s workshop, which happens during the afternoon of May 26.

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