Spotlight – Mary Joyce

A digital activism polymath with a remarkably diverse background: published author, Harvard drop-out, researcher, vagabond, trainer, campaigner, and serial social entrepreneur. Mary Joyce has come to it honestly, and creatively: she dropped out of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 2008 to be U.S. President Obama’s New Media Operations Manager, and has founded a series of digital organizations (first Demologue, then, now The Meta-Activism Project) that, as she describes it, “eschew bricks-and-mortar structure, fundraising, and legal incorporation, choosing instead to use the network to study the network, using free online collaboration tools to organize volunteers internationally and posting findings online. Like pitching a tent, these flexible organizations are easy to assemble and disassemble,” allowing her to react to changes in the digital activism field and stay on the cutting edge. Mary has lived on four continents and in countries ranging from Ghana and India to Chile and Morocco. She now lives in New Orleans.

We’re just delighted that Mary will be joining us for a panel – titled “Digital activism in an Age of Unrest” – with Mona Seif, Jillian York and Sarah Abdurrahman

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