Lessons from Building a Brand via Social Media

One of the biggest benefits of social media is the opportunity to build or enhance a brand to consumers in a new and different way. Of course, this is easier said than done given the rules of engagement are different, along with the expectations of consumers. Even strong brands are challenging to establish a solid social media presence.

The opportunities and challenges were one of the reasons we wanted to bring together a panel featuring companies attempting to leverage social media to build and grow their brands. We wanted to learn about what has worked for these companies, what they have done to capture the attention of consumers, and the techniques and tools that have been effective. As important, we wanted to get their perspective on the lessons learned along the way.

The panel includes:

– Elizabeth Margles, vice-president of marketing with Porter Airlines. Armed with a strong brand and customer loyalty, Porter launched itself into social media earlier this year with a Facebook Page and Twitter. The company was looking to achieve three objectives: drive sales and promotion, customer service and handle crisis situations.
– Ramon De Leon (aka @Ramon_DeLeon), who owns several Domino’s Pizza stores in Chicago. De Leon’s creative and active use of social media has made him one of the leading voices within the social media marketing landscape. This include a popular video in which De Leon publicly reached out to a customer who had an unhappy experience.
– Graeme Menzies (aka @graememenzies), ex-Social Media Director, Vancouver Olympic Committee and President, MenziesOnline Communications. During the Vancouver Olympics, social media was effectively used to provide insight into the competition, as well as provide insight behind the scenes.

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