A Happy Union Brewed Over Coffee

By Trina Boos, Founder, Ad Lounge

When Mark Evans (one of the guys behind the mesh group – mesh conference, meshmarketing and meshU) and I had coffee last Spring, I was seven months pregnant and thinking of giving the Ad Lounge team a little hiatus from its events – until at least the fall, if not the winter.

The conversation, however, evolved from a “Here’s what we do at mesh” and “Here’s what we do at Ad Lounge” to a mutual “WOW! Love what you do. It’s innovative, fresh, and so perfect for our audience. How can we figure out a way to work together?”

That’s when the collaboration began.

As it turned out, the mesh team was looking for ways to connect with the advertising and marketing industry more intimately, while Ad Lounge was looking for a way to expand its event offerings to perhaps include a day-long conference. Ad Lounge has been asked to collaborate on many industry events, but this one just seemed right. The team behind the mesh group had a collaborative culture that Ad Lounge stands behind in every project we get involved with. The idea about being innovative and unique really resonated with the Ad Lounge objectives so we went for it.

And that brought us to now – where we are co-producing meshmarketing ’10. Ad Lounge was asked to handle the programming and agenda for the conference, and with that we went on a hunt to seek out the most relevant and current to marketers in 2010. So that’s what we are doing. The mesh group is handling the event production and all the fine details that go along with planning events.

It has proved to be an incredibly successful partnership – actually, one that should have happened a long time ago. To top it off, I had my baby, a beautiful girl, and managed to get accustomed to moomyhood AND help to produce this incredible event simultaneously.

Add meshmarketing (Nov. 17, 2010) to your calendars, everyone. We’re bringing you some very topical sessions, including “The Digitization of Retail”, “The Emerging Social TV”, and “The ROI of Social Media Customer Service”.

And we’ve been very careful to select speakers who are fresh and new to the conference circuit… thus giving you content that original, thought-provoking, current and new, delivered by people who are at the eye of the storm (people living and doing the work, who can give us tangible insight and stories about their firsthand experiences).

It’s exciting times for both Ad Lounge and the mesh team – and we hope to see you at meshmarketing! Tickets, by the way, can be purchased here.

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