Welcome to mesh ’10!

It’s hard to believe that we’ll be celebrating the fifth edition of mesh in May. It seems like a long time ago when the five of us met at the Paddock in downtown Toronto on a cold February night to talk about what was happening online in Canada. Five years later, we’re excited that mesh has become such a popular event, and that Canada’s Web scene is vibrant and active.

Today, mesh ’10 (which takes place on May 18/19) officially goes on sale. You can register here. The mesh gang has been meeting for months to talk about potential speakers and programming, and we’ll start to unveil more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’re excited to announce two of our four keynotes.

Our media keynote is Chris Thorpe, the Developer Advocate for the Open Platform at The Guardian. His background as a research scientist and his early involvement in Open Access publishing makes him fascinated and passionate about what happens when data, content, platforms, identity and pretty much anything opens up.

Chris spends his time at The Guardian working on how to integrate its content, data and APIs with other people’s technology and businesses as part of the drive towards building the distribution and engagement channels of a mutualized newspaper.

Our society keynote is Joseph Menn, who just published his third book, “Fatal System Error: The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Who are Bringing Down the Internet”, a part true-life thriller and part expose that has become a bestseller.

A speaker at major security conferences, Menn will talk about the growing threat of cyber-criminals, and the involvement of organized gangs.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in a few months. In the meantime, we’re having a mesh meet-up on Feb. 25 at The Pilot Tavern to get everyone together, as well as celebrate mesh co-founder Mathew Ingram’s new gig as a senior writer for GigaOm.

It’s a free event but we ask that you register so we can get a handle on the number of attendees.

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