Workshop: Tapping Into Facebook

One of the meshmarketing workshops of particular interest to many marketers is “Tapping Into Facebook” in which Facebook Canada’s Elmer Sotto will explain the different ways to reach consumers – be it Facebook Pages, widgets, Facebook Connect or advertisements. With more than 300 million registered users, Facebook is something hard for many marketers to resist but there are still many questions on how to effectively reach Facebook users.

A blog post on Silicon Valley Insider talks about how Facebook was the only social network being enthusiastically discussed at the recent Ad Week and Social Ad Summit – even though other social networks have large numbers of users.

The post’s author, Rory Maher, contends that Facebook’s edge is the high levels of engagement among users who are spending more of their social networking time on Facebook.

The chart below shows how time on social networking social has social over the past year:

Social Media Engagement

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