Five Reasons to Attend meshmarketing

In many ways, meshmarketing was created because many people who attended the marketing stream at the last mesh conference asked us for more hands-on insight, advice and tools-they-could-use. After exploring the idea of doing another conference, we decided to take the plunge…and glad we did because we think it’s something the community wants and needs.

Here’s why we think you should come to meshmarketing:

1. Hugh MacLeod’s keynote. A marketing consultant, blogger and a well-known cartoonist, Hugh’s going to offer a unique perspective that will draw upon his experience in launching creative and successful marketing campaigns for clients such as Saville Row tailor English Cut, South African winery Stormhoek.

2. The panels. While there are only two panels, we think they’re going to be provocative and engaging.

The panel looking at how digital, public relations and advertising agencies are co-existing and competing will be fascinating at a time when social media is causing the lines between them to blur, making it a bigger challenge for clients to determine who does exactly what these days.

The second panel exploring the role that marketing plays in social media will offer lots of food for thought given the rules of engagement are very different from traditional marketing.

3. Mitch Joel. This is the first time that we have had Mitch at a mesh conference so we’re excited about the insight he’ll offer. The timing for Mitch’s appearance couldn’t be better as his new book, “Six Pixels of Separation” looks at how businesses can use digital marketing and social media to reach a global audience.

4. The workshops. The entire afternoon of meshmarketing will be devoted to eight hands-on, interactive workshops that will put the spotlight on the tools, technique and best practices for digital marketing.

The workshops cover a broad range of topics: everything from how to effectively use SEO/SEM and insight on how to market on Facebook to social media analytics and creating Web sites that convert. The workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging so be prepared to participate and contribute, as well as learn.

5. The socials. The opportunity socialize, network and meet new people is a key part of the mesh experience so we’ve got two socials happening.

The pre-conference party will be an art exhibit featuring Hugh MacLeod’s work, and an opportunity to meet all of our speakers. The after-party, sponsored by the Social Media Group, is open to the high-tech community, and a great opportunity to meeting and mingle.

We’re really exciting about putting on the first meshmarketing. More information about the speakers and the schedule can be found on the Web site. Tickets can be bought through Eventbrite.

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