Pulling the wraps off meshmarketing

Since we launched mesh in 2006, the Web has clearly had a major and, in many cases, disruptive affect on many businesses.

Perhaps one of the most impacted are the advertising and marketing worlds as the Web has become an increasingly relevant, valuable and convenient way for consumers to not only get information about products and services but engage in conversations between themselves and the companies selling these products and services.

The Web has changed the marketing/advertising dynamic and the relationship between companies and consumers. And it will continue to do so as more advertising dollars flow online, and more tools and services are introduced to drive deeper, different and more engaged conversations with consumers.

Given all these changes and the enthusiasm about the marketing stream at mesh, we realized there was a strong appetite to provide more perspective, insight and practical advice for marketers and advertisers.

So, we decided to create meshmarketing, a one-day event on Oct. 22 at Circa in downtown Toronto focused on insights, tools and tactics to help marketing and advertisers win customers’ hearts and minds, online.

We are excited to announce that artist, blogger, writer and marketer Hugh MacLeod will be our keynote speaker. Best known for his cartoons, Hugh has also captured a lot of attention for his ideas about how the Web is impacting advertising and marketing. Stay tuned for more information about special events that will showcase Hugh’s art.

You can get more information about panelists and workshop presenters on here. We’ll be announcing additional speakers within the coming weeks. The schedule page can be found here.

Ticket for meshmarketing are now on on sale.

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