What Questions do You Want Us to Ask?

One of the things we really focus on at mesh is getting plenty of input from those who are attending — the “people formerly known as the audience” to use Dan Gillmor’s phrase. We do that by devoting lots of time after keynotes and panels for a question-and answer session, but we’re always looking for ways to do more.

In that vein, we’ve set up a couple of interesting ways for you to tell us what questions you want the answers to at mesh ’09.

I’m going to be chatting with Mike Masnick — founder and CEO of Floor64 and chief blogger at Techdirt.com — as part of the media “keynote conversation” this year, and I’ve set up a Google Moderator account so that you can submit questions you’d like Mike to answer, and/or vote on questions that others have suggested we ask.

Rob Hyndman will be speaking with Kiva.org founder Jessica Jackley in the keynote conversation for the society stream, and he’s set up a Google Moderator account as well for your submissions.

And Mark Evans will be talking with musician David Usher as part of the media stream, and has used Rypple — the customer feedback service that is also a mesh sponsor — to gather questions for his chat.

We can’t promise that we’ll ask every question you submit, but we’ll certainly do our best. Feel free to leave some in the comments on this post as well, or find us on Twitter at @meshconference, @mathewi, @markevans and @rhh.

mesh on!

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