mesh09 Marketing Keynote: Scott Monty – Ford Motor Company

At mesh we really try to focus on people and ideas which are leading the way, and actively putting “what’s next” into action. With that in mind, and against any measure Scott is someone worth hearing from. As a key online face of Ford during the current economic challenge in the auto sector, Scott has been right there in the middle of the fire. Never mind client or agency talk of “should we be doing anything in social media?” or “is there any value in it?” or “is it worth the money?” — Scott has been living it, and in doing so has been putting Ford at the forefront of online brand building and rapid-fire communication response and management.

I can’t wait to get him on the stage at mesh09 and talk about life in the digital trenches. And I bet many of you will want to get in on the action, too.



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