mesh meetup and meshU student tix

One quick reminder and one update on meshU:

The quick reminder is that we’re having a mesh meetup at the Irish
tonight (April 21) starting at about 7:30, so swing on by if
you’re in town and get some pre-mesh socializing in — the snacks are
on us.

The update about meshU is that we’re releasing a batch of 25
discount-priced ($30) student tickets for the day-long workshop event (more
info at the meshU site), so if you’re studying Web
design or development or programming or anything along those lines —
or know someone who is — be sure to book a ticket soon, because they
will probably go quickly.

To be honest, offering student tickets was something we meant to do
from the beginning, but it kind of slipped through the cracks during
all the planning of mesh and meshU — thanks to a number of our
friends and fans for calling us on it. We think it’s a great way of
giving back to the community, and helping the young Web developers and
designers of tomorrow.

mesh on!

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