meshU: Daniel Burka is in, and more about the content

Daniel BurkaAs you may know by now, we’ve added a third day to mesh called meshU (for mesh “University”). meshU is more a “workshop” oriented event than mesh. meshU is happening the day before the main mesh (Tuesday the 20th of May) and the content will be divided into three streams: design, development and “management” (as it pertains to web projects).

Today I’m pleased to announce that Daniel Burka has joined our roster of ace speakers for meshU. Who is Daniel Burka? Well for one – he’s Canadian. It might also interest you to know he is the creative director for Digg, and a co-founder of Pownce and silverorange. He is going to give a workshop on Iterative Design Strategies at meshU – a topic near and dear to my heart, and something hugely valuable for anyone who is building web projects that are intended to thrive long after they launch.

I often think of meshU as a great event for the people who help the attendees of mesh (marketers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, media folks) get their web projects built (designers, developers and project managers). So if Daniel’s workshop doesn’t sound quite right for you, please be sure to mention meshU to the people who are building your website (assuming you have one), because it’s surely for them.

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