It’s time again for 15 minutes of fame

Now that mesh tickets are on sale, we’d like to get an early start on 15 Minutes of Fame, the mesh session that introduces you to web entrepreneurs and their startups. On each of the two conference days we do a 15 minute segment with three deserving entrepreneurs and/or their startups, who get five minutes each (hence the 15 minutes) to talk to the attendees about their idea and why they are the best thing to happen to the Web. Last year’s winners were Octopz, DemoFuse, FiveLimes, Conceptshare, SneakerPlay and Wild Apricot – there’s video, too.

Head over to the sign-up form and make your pitch — in 250 words or less — about you and your company or idea, and tell us why we should give you five minutes in front of the mesh crowd. If you get selected, you get a free one-day pass to the conference as well as those five minutes of glory. Of course, past winners aren’t eligible, and you must be this big to apply.

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