The mesh08 Suggestion Box

One of the smartest things we did for mesh07 was ask you to give us your comments on how we can make mesh better in 08. We got a ton of really useful comments and emails that made for great reading in the days after mesh07.

Now, as we get going on mesh08, we’re going through them again and thinking about possibilities, and once again we’d like to ask you for your thoughts. First, if you didn’t get a chance to comment on mesh07, here’s the original post – leave us a comment if you have any suggestions. Second, we’d like to hear from you on specific panel or workshop or other session ideas for mesh08. We’ve made it pretty far on our own by just speaking with people here and there, but we wanted to open things up further and get your input right here on the blog – if there’s a speaker or a topic or something else you want to see at mesh08, please speak up and let us know what you think. We can’t promise that your idea will make it to mesh, but we do promise to take every suggestion seriously and to do our best to make mesh08 worth your while.

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