What do you want mesh to be?

One of the real pleasures of being involved in mesh is hearing the ideas that people have for improving it. We get lots of comments – the great majority very positive, some critical but constructive, and others, well, not so much. But we really do appreciate and think carefully about all feedback, and use it to try and make mesh better.

So we’d like to ask everyone who came to mesh – whether you were a speaker or a guest – and anyone who didn’t come – whether because mesh07 wasn’t quite what you wanted or just because you couldn’t make it – to chime in and give us comments on what you’d like to see at mesh, how we could make it better, things we didn’t quite get right – or anything else you’d like to say to help us make mesh better.

You can leave your comments on this blog if you’d like, or just email them to us at info@meshconference.com. And once again, thanks for meshing with us.

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