mesh Panelists: Scott Feschuk

Scott Feschuk wrote this bio himself – let’s just come right out and say that. He doesn’t have “people” to do that kind of thing for him. So why is he using the third person? Hmm. That’s a good question. Hey! Look over there – Bigfoot! [sounds of footsteps running off]

Aww, screw it: I’ve worked as chief speechwriter to Paul Martin and as a writer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes (though not, alas, simultaneously). I’ve written a couple books (which sold tens of copies — combined) and worked for the Globe and Mail and National Post. I’m a partner in a speechwriting firm, Feschuk.Reid, which is based in Ottawa and Toronto. And I write a column and blog for Maclean’s.

There. Whew. I think Scott Feschuk pulled that off okay.

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