Engines are running, ready for liftoff

It pains me to admit that it’s been awhile since we posted anything here on the mesh blog, and for that we — Mathew, Mark, Rob, Mike and Stuart — are eternally sorry. As penance for our sins, we have engaged in a variety of rituals (many involving a prescribed quantity of fine ales and lagers), which I won’t go into any further for fear of boring you.

Let’s just say that we have been working hard to get our ducks in a row for the next mesh conference, and you’ll be happy to know that we’re very close to being able to announce our keynotes and open the doors for advance ticket sales.

Last year’s mesh was such a fantastic experience for all of us, with what we thought was a great mix of speakers, panelists, moderators and other contributors — including the participants, of course, or the “people formerly known as the audience,” as Jay Rosen likes to call them — and some terrific social events as well.

We’re really hoping that we can reproduce that same kind of experience this year, and with your help we know we’ll be able to. So hang in there, and we’ll be letting you all know about the keynote speakers for this year and the details about ticket sales just as soon as we possibly can.

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