Much more mesh!

Well, the mesh meetup is over, and it was a great party — lots of good food (thanks to our hosts at the Irish Embassy) and good conversation with the 100 or so people who came. It’s a good thing the Embassy had a little more space they could give us, because we were almost crowding the Bay Street types out at one point!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and that includes the usual suspects — like Peter Dawson of ThoughtFlickr, Leila Boujnane of Idee Inc., Jim Courtney of Skype Journal, Michael O’Connor Clarke and Joe Thornley of Thornley Fallis, poli-blogger Andrew Coyne, the irrepressible Sacha Chua and too many others to name — and the new arrivals, including blogging star Tony Hung (sorry, that’s Dr. Tony Hung) of Deep Jive Interests, Scott Brooks of ConceptShare (who not only came early but brought his laptop), Maggie Fox of Social Media Group, Martin Cleaver from Helix Commerce and Darren Rowse of ProBlogger and b5media. Sheila Remtulla also came, and was glad that there were some other people who weren’t twenty-somethings :-)

I know I’m missing a lot of people (only about 90 or so), so thanks again to everyone who came — and especially to Leesa Barnes, podcaster extraordinaire, who brought her gear and did some short interviews with people during the event, which we hope to have available soon. And anyone who was taking pictures (yes, I’m talking to you Leila and Sacha) if you could upload them to Flickr with the tag mesh07, that would be great.

Mark Evans has a post up on his blog about the meetup, as does Rob Hyndman. And Stuart MacDonald, the cheeky bugger, posted one during the event from his BlackBerry, just to show off :-)

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12 Responses to Much more mesh!

  1. maggie fox says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome! It was great to meet old friends and new, engage in lots of interesting conversation and see the best and brightest gathered under one roof. A fine evening!

  2. Tony says:

    It was indeed a great time — thanks for hosting a great party Mat (and Stu and Mark and Rob).

    “dr” t @ dji

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  4. Rob Hyndman says:

    Well, he may be cheeky, but at least he’s not “grizzled”. :)

  5. Ben Lucier says:

    I had a blast, can’t wait for the tickets to go on sale so I can call myself an official “mesher”! See everybody in 2007.

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  7. Leesa says:

    It was nice to catch up Mathew, Mark, Darren, Connie, Mike, Suleman and Sacha. Because of the interviews, I had a chance to meet many more people like Rob, Dr. Tony, Norman, Mark, Bernie, Juan, Gary, Paul and Gabriel.

    I missed so many people, like Maggie Fox, Andrew Coyne, Michael Geist, Joseph Thornley, even Rob Hyndman and Stuart MacDonald, 2 of the organizers (can you believe that!).

    Grrr….way too many people to meet. I hope you guys will be doing this again. It was way too much fun :)

  8. Thanks for all your hard work, Leesa. And yes, I think we will definitely have to do that again :-)

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