about last night

Heaps o’ fun at The Drake last night. We did a little thank you dinner thing for sponsors and presenters, which was a-hoot-and-a-half, and then joined the fun with a lot of other mesh-ers who were there, uh, mesh-ing.

Myself and my wife Anna (yes – that Anna, who was at registration) were joined for dinner by Barnaby Marshall, John Phillip Green, Steve Rubel, Michael Geist, George Schlukbier and George Irish. One of the highlights for me was talking with Steve, Michael and George S. who is working with the US Library of Congress on their “How do we save everything, forever?” project. Essentially, the objective is to figure out what you save, why and how. For instance, is this webpage worth saving? If so, why? And if yes, how, such that 100 years from now it can still be viewed?

All that with a nice glass of red in hand. Not a bad way to spend a rainy Monday night ;-

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