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Can the web change the world? I guess that depends on who you ask, and how prone you are to eye-rolling at this type of a concept. Certainly, the web has changed the business world. You could also say that goverment, education and health care have been, or are being, transformed by online practices. But what about non-profit and political organizations?

In this regard, it seems that the US political scene is much further advanced than we are in Canada (hmmm…is it just me, or do the words "US political scene" and "advanced" just seem wrong in the same sentence?). At a minimum, things like using the web as part of an integrated campaign, a web site as a huge source of fund-raising revenue, and a political blogosphere with readership likely bigger than the population of Canada is having a real impact.

Also, when an organization like Amnesty International has someone who runs "Online Activism" there MUST be something to it.

Rob Hyndman is running the politics and society stream at mesh and has more thoughts on the topic today. I share more pointed thoughts here. Mark has a thoughtful post which ties in to the recent passing of Toronto civic politics icon Jane Jacobs ("what if Jane Jacobs had a blog?"), and Mathew has a nice round-up on the topic. Mike talks about why his Dad is a prime example of old school might-become new school political discourse.

It is early days on all this here in Canada. Help shape the discussion at mesh. Register now.

Update: tech.memeorandum seems to like our discussion. You would find us there, at the top of the page, filling every centimetre between the top and the fold. Oh my…

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