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The story of mesh

The background of how mesh came to be, starts with a group of amazing individuals — our founders — all passionate about the power of the web. Each came with their own individual viewpoint and insight into how digital was affecting our lives and our workspace.

From the outset in 2005, it was decided that mesh would not be a conference that focused on one specific broad stroke, such as marketing. The conversation had to be bigger bringing together the pockets.

It makes sense that there would be diverse subject matter in the topics and discussions at mesh. Our founders were two outspoken (but well-spoken) journalists, a lawyer with a giant brain, a marketing maverick and a tech entrepreneur on his way up. With this in mind, the streams of mesh were crafted: blue for marketing, orange for society, red for media and green for business.

With sharp eyes, they realize Toronto is exploding and is very much in need of a platform where discussions of mind-blowing capacity can take place–discussions that would bring all four audiences together.

So, with no event experience (and perhaps a couple of drinks in them) the concept of the mesh conference is born.  Sober minds prevailing, the founders realized that while they have content — fantastic content — they don’t have an actual event. Enter the 6th founder (with a background in event management). She pulled the threads together to form the beautiful ball of yarn that represents the mesh brand.

That’s how mesh started and it is how we continue to build mesh…terrific discussions in four threads that lasts for two amazing days!

But we weren’t through…a few years later, we designed a deeper-dive event in meshmarketing that would allow marketers to extend those great conversations into hands-on sessions that gives attendees useful tools and information that can be implemented immediately.

Fast-forward to today, the mesh group continues to produce events in mesh conference and meshmarketing, plus mesh meetups and many more. To date, we have produced over 25 events that speak to how digital–and the web, specifically–is changing how we live, play and work.

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mesh goodness



What’s the magic of mesh? Some would say that it is because mesh is a labour of love. mesh has always been more concerned about content than profit. mesh has always been keenly focused on the people they put on the main stage — speakers that don’t talk from a deck, that you haven’t seen at every other conferences and who often drop the “f bomb” because they are so passionate and so caught up in a conversation–that’s real and raw, not recycled.

The panels at mesh are another key part of that mesh goodness. An idea is curated, three to four people are selected, a moderator thrown in and a conversation that you will never hear elsewhere begins.

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why mesh

why mesh?

If you want to share in what is happening and affecting the digital landscape in Toronto, you will be at mesh.

If you want to connect with people, not just from your own social or business circle, but smart, tech savvy folk with an eye on what’s happening over the digital horizon, you will be at mesh.

If you want to be inspired on how to be better, smarter and faster at your job, not just today but in the future, you will be at mesh.

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The Ops Team

Sheri Moore
partner & co-founder

Sheri Moore | mesh role: Event Management & Content Design

Sheri has been with the mesh team since the early days. Want to talk about women in tech? Look to Sheri to tell you what that feels like. She’s was such an integral part of the momentum of mesh that a few years back they officially named her “partner”. She is the one who pulls us all together–she truly is the connect in the mesh tagline “connect-share-inspire”. Her uncanny ability to tie together all of the loose threads takes our ideas to a place where no one could have imagined. Sheri leads with her heart but she also has a giant brain full of smarts. Want to meet Sheri? She can be always be found at mesh with a head set on, in the back of the room with the tech team, running the show. One of these days we are going to get her up and on that main stage…

Alicia Kalozdi-MacMillan

Alicia Kalozdi-MacMillan
partner & sponsor liaison

Alicia Kalozdi-MacMillan | mesh role: Sponsorship & Partner Relations

We fell for Alicia in 2010 and anyone who has ever met Alicia knows why. She is enthusiastic, generous and extremely talented. She jokes to being the mesh cheerleader, but we think that this title likely suits her best, but she is so much more. Coach, quarterback, defensive line. She does it all! Since joining us, she has shown an unbridled energy to making our partners and sponsors satisfied with their investment, a dedication to our Hosted Startups and a passion for all things mesh.


Moore Carlyle Consulting
MCC Destination Management

Moore Carlyle Consulting | The Event Logistics Team

With over 25 years in business, our boutique event agency is comprised of a team of specialists in meeting, event and destination management. Together, we design and produce events that not only leave a lasting impression but extend our client’s brand experience. Ultimately, our goal is create and execute a program design that exceeds expectations.

 Danielle Miller

Danielle Miller
event coordinator

Danielle Miller | mesh role: Speaker Relations & Volunteer Management

Danielle has built her career with people as her priority. She offers a friendly note to our speakers so that they know the event details. She carefully coordinates the volunteers so that they get the most out of mesh. She is the smiling face at registration ready to help anyone and everyone. And after everyone leaves, she is making sure that nothing is left behind. Danielle has been with mesh since year one with mesh06—she has given countless hours from behind the scenes to make each mesh a success.

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Who are the people behind mesh?

Mark Evans
Principal, ME Consulting

Mark Evans Principal, ME Consulting

One of Canada’s leading startup marketers, Mark helps startups tell better stories. Mark’s strength is delivering “foundational” services that establish a startup’s marketing efforts: from core messaging and brand positioning to marketing strategies and content marketing.

Before starting his own business, Mark was a technology reporter with the National Post, Globe & Mail and Bloomberg News. He also worked with four startups – Blanketware, b5media, PlanetEye and Sysomos.

Mark writes a blog on startup marketing, Mark Evans, as well as a popular newsletter about Canadian startups. When not working, Mark stays busy with family and playing hockey.


Rob Hyndman
Business lawyer, Hyndman | Law

Rob Hyndman business lawyer, Hyndman | Law

Rob is a Toronto technology business lawyer – his clients are technology companies and their customers. Rob’s firm is Hyndman | Law, a boutique law practice that provides legal counsel to technology businesses on a wide variety of business law needs. He’s an unabashed life-long geek who got his start more than 30 years ago as the vice-president of a two-member computer club in high school. Rob is passionate about helping grow the Toronto Web community and evangelizing the opportunities for connection, sharing and inspiration that the Web has given us.

Mathew Ingram
Senior Writer, GigaOm.com

Mathew Ingram Senior Writer, GigaOm.com

Mathew is a senior writer with GigaOm, one of the leading technology blog networks. Prior to 2010, He was a journalist with The Globe and Mail, where he wrote a column and a blog about technology both for the newspaper and the website. In 2008, Mathew became the Globe’s first online “communities editor,” a job that involved thinking about all the ways in which the paper interacts with readers — blogs, comments, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, etc. — and developing new and better ways of doing that. He’s been working online for the Globe since the site was re-launched as a breaking news site in 2000, and been living and writing online since the early 1990s when a 9600-baud dial-up modem was the hot-rod of the Internet. He has a personal blog at mathewingram.com/work where he writes about Web 2.0 ideas and the intersection of the media and the Internet. Mathew thinks that the kind of interactivity and dialogue that blogs and other Web 2.0 tools provide is already having — and will continue to have — a profound effect on the media industry and many other industries, and that’s why he wanted to be part of this conference.

Stuart MacDonald
Business Strategy, Design & Leadership on-demand.

Stuart MacDonald

Stuart is your basic online business and marketing geek. Stuart founded Tripharbor.com, the web’s first cruise vacation e-commerce and community site, and prior to that he brought Expedia to Canada as Founder of Expedia.ca. He went on to be Chief Marketing Officer of Expedia.com in Seattle, as well as running the Expedia.com Packages business. Stuart remains an independent business advisor and investor, with a focus on online and web-enabled businesses. His clients and investee companies range from online start-ups through to Canada’s largest media and telecommunications organizations. He’s a Dad, a husband and a proud Canadian who is passionate about what the Internet means for business and society. He is very proud to be part of the creating of mesh.

Mike McDerment
Co-Founder and CEO, FreshBooks

Mike McDerment Co-Founder and CEO, FreshBooks

Mike is the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, the #1 cloud accounting solution for small business owners who have the drive to run their businesses better. Back in 2003, Mike built FreshBooks for his design firm and scratched his own itch. Since launching in May 2004 from his parents’ basement (where the team spent 3.5 years!), FreshBooks has touched over 5,000,000 lives, and now moves billions of dollars on behalf of hard working entrepreneurs in over 100 countries. Mike and the team at FreshBooks pride themselves on executing extraordinary experiences every day for people who love their work, and want to focus on it – instead of focusing on their paperwork.


Sheri Moore
Partner, Creative Director, Moore Carlyle Consulting

Sheri Moore Partner, Creative Director Moore Carlyle Consulting

Sheri is a Partner in Moore Carlyle Consulting, a meeting, events and destination management company in Toronto. Sheri has designed and managed events for corporate clients in the financial, tech and hospitality sectors for over 15 years. Sheri’s background in communication has formed her approach to event design and execution. With mesh, she can employ her not-so-inner-geek, while she offers a fresh approach to the event designs. Sheri meshes because she believes that mesh and its events create platforms for those interested and engaged in digital to share ideas and gain different perspectives.